vintage dressoir | sideboard | jaren 50 | G-plan | Librenza





vintage dressoir | sideboard | jaren 50 | G-plan | Librenza

Vintage dressoir uit de jaren 50. Ontworpen door E. Gomme voor G-Plan. Kast is uit de ‘Librenza’ serie en is gemaakt van Afrikaans Tola hout. Ook in combinatie te koop met een buffetkast, eettafel en serving trolley uit dezelfde serie. 

period | jaren 50
design | E. Gomme | G-Plan | Librenza serie
condition | goed | lichte gebruikssporen
size | 191 x 43,5 x 78 (lxbxh)


British furniture manufacturing company G-Plan was launched in 1953, but its roots go back much further. In 1898, Ebenezer Gomme (1858–1931) set up a fine woodworking atelier, E. Gomme Ltd., in High Wycombe, England, a major center of British furniture manufacturing. By the early 1900s, E. Gomme had transitioned into a larger factory facility, and in 1911, his sons took the helm. The company was revered for its range of high-quality sideboards, tables, and other cabinet goods and for pioneering the concept of dining room sets, designed and made to match.

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